Sorry if this has been discussed b4.

Firstly great site thanks really helped me get to grips with Ableton so quickly, but i have got down 2 or 3 tracks now and i recently checked out your mastering vids im using the free plugins (cheap *** i know), but im not to sure what i should be hearing in each freq i mean i can hear subtle changes etc but could you explain what i should be listening for in each freq as i am totally at a loss (complete novice really) in 1 of my tracks i tried i muted the low and high only not to hear a thing in the mids???:w00t: i mean is there any standard or ideal kinda settings?

Also were can i obtain more plugins for Ableton costly or free, plus if i sample a small vocal from another dance track is it illegal, i know ive cheated and asked a few questions here but any help would be appreciated :smiley:

The question you need to ask your self when mastering is “what do i want this to sound like”

the only way to find this out is buy listening to other tracks untill you hear something that you think sounds great. (after you do this a few thousand times youll just know!!)

then its just a case of trying to replicate this sound on your own track.

Trial and error… playing back & tweaking, etc. etc.

if it dosnt sound good before you master it mastering wont help you need to fix your mix