Mathew Jonson - Symphony for the Apocolypse

Great work on these videos, I would love to see Phil reconstruct this track or any of Mathew Jonson’s track for a new Tutorial (I know MJ uses mostly hardware) but i’m sure Phil could do it…

Post some YT links mate.

Good to see ya! MORE TECHNO!! :cool:

Sorry I pulled the noob and didn’t read the sticky at the top first, unfortunately youtube is blocked at work and I wouldn’t want to post a link I thought was the track when it ended up being (insert genre you hate here) so I will put one up when I get home, and yes this is Techno…

Look forward to it :slight_smile:

Heres the YT of Symphony for the apocolypse

This is also a great track of his

That track is mental… Really cool :cool:

Been a while since I heard any of his stuff. That other tune is class.