Max Braiman Trance Tutorial Request

Hi fam! I just want to suggest that SA contact Trance producer Max Braiman about doing a tutorial.

A big reason why I’m suggesting him, is because someone asked him on his youtube channel about whether he would be interested in doing a tutorial for Sonic Academy, and he answered that he was already thinking about doing a tutorial for Freshly Squeezed, but seemingly liking the proposition.

Braiman is frequently posting tutorials on his youtube site. He doesn’t explain, but reveals his work flow in real time. Check out his many tutorials for yourself:

He is a sought after producer who has collabed with the likes of Daniel Kandi etc, and has been featured on A State of Trance etc. His styles include Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Psy Trance etc.

Just a suggestion for you guys at Sonic Academy!