Max fro Live

Hey all

I was wondering if anyone has bought max for live yet.I was thinking about picking it up soon and would like to get anybodys opinion about it. I know Howie was saying that reaktor is a lot better program.

howard has Max too i think :slight_smile: he seemed to be speaking very highly of it the other day on ichat

Yeah, I got it about a week ago. Here is what I will say about it…

Will I ever use it to build my own instruments and effects.

Most likely never.

Will it add interest to your music?


Here’s something else. If someone uses Live vs. someone doesnt, the person that does could have an advantage over creating a better track. With Max for Live, you can use others created effects/instruments to use in your work that no one else has. I will say too, some of the FX are mind blowing! Worth every penny.

Also, I forgot to mention that the reason I got it was because Max for Live is alot less taxing on your CPU then Reaktor. IMO, its alot less confusing to look at too. Reaktor interfaces are very confusing to me.

thanks for the info howie, i think that seals the deal for me

Future music has a spread about it in this months magazine. It does look interesting but for me i’m not really interested in creating my own effects and instruments.

Shame Max for Live won’t allow you to share the widgets you create with non Max owners.

That is a limiting feature in much the same way Reaktor can’t compile to vst/i.

For Max owners though things look interesting enough.