May I Transpose a Question <---- that didn't work!

Please ignore the poor attempt at a pun!

Is there an easy way to transpose a chord progression up or down by a couple of semitones? For example, I want to crank a progression up a couple of semitones after a break! :slight_smile:

In Ableton the Pitch tool in Midi effects will do it, but I am not sure how good it will sound :slight_smile:

Nice one! Cheers bretherin … I’ll give that a go! :wink:

Works perfectly, thanks!! :D:D

I’m not great at this but the other thing you could try is moving the root note of the cord up an octave. So if your chord is A2 C2 E2 you could change it to A3 C2 E2.

That would give you the same chord but a slightly higher pitch, maybe?

Yeah I might try that actually. After playing with the ableton midi pitch tool, it aint that great! :frowning:

Actually the “Transpose” parameter in the “Scale” Tool in Ableton works perfectly!! :smiley: