[MBD029]_Dreamer EP_Michael L Penman


Release Info:

Brand new minimal release from Michael L Penman. This slick must have ep is full of deep grooves, tight percussion and enough funk for Boosty Collins.

Producer Info:


Michael is a young ambitious music engineer and sound designer. He has managed to solidify his skills across a wide range of genres and platforms. This has led he to work with many prestigious artists such as Photek, Gwen Stenfani, Switch, Asian Dub Foundation and many more.

Having worked for other highly talented and influential artist is it that Michael has decided to turn his hand to producing.

But instead of using his contacts in the mainstream of music culture he has took a drastic right turn and delved deep into music’s vast under belly.

This seen him release a number of hits on Slovakian minimal label Leporelo. With each track possessing bouncy catchy bass lines, slamming drums and a wide array of glitched out percussion and effects. These delight little morsels soon tickled the taste buds of the M_nus crew, with “Moose Man” and “Greasy Love” being played week in and week out. Ambivalent was even so kind to have charted “Greasy Love” in his October Glass Half Full Chart.

Soon many an opportunity came a knocking, which lead Michael to remix Yello’s infancies hit “Oh Yeah”. Also within this time he release a heavy darkroom sample pack on Sample Magic’s Sound to Sample, which has already received great support.

Within this time he was featured in both Future Music and Computer Music magazines. Both magazine gave great reviews.

awesome dude great release


This is a great tune man.

nice release indeed!!

Cool stuff Mr :slight_smile:

congratz. nice tracks