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Melodic Dubstep Vocals

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Create an impact with epic vocals for melodic dubstep with Melodic Dubstep Vocals from Big EDM.
This pack is structured around the inclusion of vocals. Inside you will find 5 construction kits that are packed with raw and wet male vocal tracks, an instrumental track, and the lyrics sheets. The male vocals are precise, clear and sung with a hint of smooth R7B flavor that packs a powerful delivery. Get ready to experience ethereal vocals and rich melodies, more dramatic, slow-burning and emotionally intense soundscapes.

Construction Kits come with several completed tracks that have been broken down into “stems”. These stems run the entire duration of the track, silence as well. Once the track has been broken down into stems it is rendered in WAV format just as audio samples and loops. You can import these stems into your DAW and replace, slice, or create your own parts. You are also provided the MIDI sequences so you can change the instrument type or make changes directly to the melody.

Think of a Construction Kit like a track made available for a remix. Use any of the track elements that you want and replace them with your own or another stem from the included kits. Using Construction Kits is a great learning tool as you can actually see what went into the creation of the track, as a way to expand your creativity by developing your own parts.

Breath more life into melodic dubstep and explore the possibilities of construction kits with Melodic Dubstep Vocals from Big EDM.

Inspired by such artists as CMA, Seven Lions, Illenium, Blackmill and more.