Melodic Electro House

Check out my first 2 tracks!

Really enjoyed your tracks dude!

A lot of energy in them and very nice ideas you had.

Especially “Stargate”, I like the complextro-style it had.

Great tracks! It’s dizzying to keep up with how many leads you have. Mixing sounds great, leads are full and rich and the volume is consistent. Good job!

Doesn’t sound bad at all , though i suggest you use an extra compressor on the master for gluing elements together. I felt like some of the sounds didn’t really connect. That is just my opinion though.

Yes, I know that are some sharp elements, but i think is a mix problem more then mastering :S

Youve got it ma man! Very talented! Your fore sure a musician, arent you? If this are your first tracks, how lond did you try until it works that way? greets

I played guitar for 2 years since 2008… In 2011 I started learning vsts, comps, eqs, etc… And then I discovered complextro and produced these tracks :slight_smile:

Yes you did a good job. the only thing, but its a matter of taste, evrything sounds very heavily limited and compressed and pritty digital. I like it a bit more airy and warmer. But its an mp3 so I can not judge it 100%. Maybe a profesional good mastering with some UAD-Studer or some else high quality “warmer” and live some litle dynamics,will round the think perfectly up. I know theres lots of this kind of sound very succesful out there its a bit harsch and agressive for my ears :-). So I think its a matter of taste.Good luck to you and I m shure you will succed big if you continue in this speed!

Thanks man for your comment! I know the track is really compressed (cause it’s the result I wanted), however not going in overcompression, and for the harshness I think my speakers are not really great (and I noticed the harshness, but I don’t know how to solve the problem) aswell as my ears are not yet so good XD Is positive for me you said the problems you heard :slight_smile: Thanks!

if you try solving the harshiness with an EQ, the Hihats for example, can sound after thin an cold. The best is allready you choose in the beginning ,lets stay by the hihats, Samples that sounds allready very thick in the high end. So there you have to find the possible harshiness freq and lower it a bit. As well I use UAD-Plugs so there are some wonderful silky highend (pultec Pro) or Tape-emulation (Studer) so you can get that fat nice highend without its to harsh. Another problem is if you might solo the hh its seemed to be ok but in the Mix its harsh. thats why lots of other high-freq from the rest of the mix are suming togehter, so you need to find the right balance of it. As well your Synths are sounding allready very digital, so there is a lot of harshness too. The best is to use good outboardequipment, and if not to select allready in the beginning very carfully the sound of your vst synth! becouse there is a lot of **** from “big” names going arround. And as well on that synths some UAD-Plugins will do wonderfull things. The result of all this things together will be a less harscher mix without loosing the pressure and still kicking your ***… Ok, anyway thats my taste.

Thanks for your opinion man… Are you a sound engineer? :slight_smile:

Yes. But I m still looking for the perfect sound… I know how its supposed to be, but can not reach it yet. Theres so much what you have to be carfull! And still I do lots of mistakes…:frowning: But as well progress. I m very jealous on this cracks who does everything so easy and natural and after its sounds perfect. Still have to train and train my ears…

My majorproblem is now to find out the muddy frequencies and the right volume-balance, so that my tracks sounds more clear without loosing any pressure. I want to master my tracks now, so I need to learn and learn…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your accurate advice bro! :smiley: