Melodic electronica

hey there,

a new track, which intended to convey lots of emotions. to be honest, i am not 100% satisfied with the sounding… i don’t know what it is exactly (maybe not that well-compressed, or lack of dynamics), and because of that it drives me insane…

so if you happen to write your suggestions with your fresh ears, i would honor it by sending you positive thought energy packages through collective consciousness :cool:

As said on soundcloud I really enjoyed this track, nicely done IMO.

Cant really figure out what you think is wrong with it though? I think its just fine.

I’m not sure what it is that you think is missing, cause to me it sounds really good and translates very well on my Yamaha’s!

Not really the kind of thing that I would listen to, but from a production perspective I think it’s superb! :cool:

Production wise and melodically you’ve got a lovely first sketch of a track here. I think what is bugging you is variety in structure - perhaps think in terms of some extra sections completely which break out of the main phrase you have developed here?

loved the rythm and bass section in this, nice melody too, the chords/pad thing was a bit cheesy imo but its some good work, i agree with the others and wickededged a bit cos i think for this kinda track you kinda need completely different sections to break things up a bit, if it had a verse chorus bridge, could be really ace :slight_smile:

thanks guys for your response, finally i had some time to reply :cool:

@MistroPain: maybe it is a lack of dynamic, some healthy boom, dynamic sounding in the low range, and some sort of “compressed” sounding. here is a reference of mine (hybrid - dissapear here):[url=] Hybrid - Disappear Here (Official Video) - YouTube

@en1gma: thanks, and i am glad it is okay on a yamaha, because the whole production was made using only headphones :cool:

@wickedged and @ ekko: thanks guys! both of you are right, and not the only one with the break out conception. next time i will try that!