Melodic House Track Feedback

Hi All

As always, your feedback would be very much appreciated.

The track was not written around the vocals. I have pulled them from Splice after. Vocals are probably what I feel the least comfortable with composition and mixing wise, though I have only finished 5 or 6 tracks so far while following tutorials etc.

My goal was to achieve a fairly wide mix and master to around -9 LUFS without squashing it too much.

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Hi there

Nice elements in this one, the main synth arpegio melody and other melodic elements + atmosphere sounds work well together, so nice overall soundscape for this track.

Not sure about the solo piano parts TBH, especially toward the end of the song, although it kind of work in the break section introduction, but maybe I would experiment with a different and less “classic” piano sound.

Main issue here is mixing and levels inconstancy through the all track duration.

That works in the 2nd part of the track after the break, but everything before is much quieter and needs some level boost.

Seems you have some phasing issues as well, might be the long bass and it’s low end masking other elements, causing the mix to sound a bit dull in some parts, really missing clarity overall.

Not sure if you’re automating some processing on your master or if you have set some volume automations or filtering per tracks, but feels a bit weird how the volume shift from one section to another and during some important parts ( like the transition just before the drop after the break ).

So in a nutshell, pleasant track with a nice melodic feel to it, overall arrangement works quite well ( just not sure about this end with the solo piano ) but needs more volume consistancy accross the entire track duration and more clarity.

Hope this helps and keep it up !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Hi @Tekalight

Very helpful, thank you.

I have tweaked a few things in light of your comments, would you mind have a quick listen to see if it’s improved a bit?

I did have volume automation, boosting the drop a bit for more impact but clearly not something to do in the future. I have taken it off.

I have added a more stable sub and added a bit more compression to the low end. I have also played a bit with eq to improve clarity between the buses.

PS. The song is not 5 minutes long. I must have accidentally exported it longer than necessary.

Many thanks

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Yes, it’s improved with this version. Much more volume consistancy and clarity accross the all track, now things reveal more.

Would suggest to filter out some unwanted low end in this sub kick and also in the piano.

For the kick, it sounds quite “boomy” as it is now, I would maybe try to experiment with a different kick rather than spending too much time tweaking the low end of this one.

Filtering unwanted low end should help even more with clarity, you’ll probably need to re-balance your buses levels afterwards, since there’s less need to compensate for the sub, if that makes sense.

I know it’s not a vocal track from your initial post, but the vocals drops in the first part are really loud and not feeling a part of the mix at all, but more like something added on top. Other vocal parts later in the track are more “washed” and fits much better in the mix IMO.

But yeah, addressing that “boomy” kick & unwanted low end in the piano should help further I think :wink: