Melodic progressive house atmosphere

I want to make melodic prog house and I start with the chords and its ok but I cant put an atmosphere in my tracks like guys like mossy and roald velden do.just to hear some examples:br

what chord do they use to create the atmosphere?what notes?they use this in a lot of tracks.really apreciate some help hehehe

tech tip uploading today on how to do similar effects with ableton

but you havent covered the notes they use to create those atmospheres :S really would love to see an example of a progressive track with that atmosphere…

They’re just basic chords
That first video is E Maj 9, heavy emphasis on the ninthbr
The second video is G# Maj, the root and third drone up highbr
The third video is also G# Maj, sounds like a suspended 2nd or a 9 chord, it’s all kind of the same sound though, just emphasis on different notes in the same chordbr
You probably like the sound of the 2nd/9th. Try some big ol major ninth chords. Spread them wide over 2 or 3 octaves. Make some real soft plucky sounds and just pile that reverb and shimmer on.