Melodic techno - ok mix?

didn’t want to butcher the song with my clueless mastering as i usually do so i kept it to a minimum with this one. does it work?

and song had more things going on but cut a lot in the end. from 1:30 until the strings, is it too empty now?

the epiano from 3:15: good instrument choice or should i change it to something more electronic?

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that’s pretty cool - maybe the various instruments/ noises that come in would be nice if they were further back in the mix with some reverb on them.

thanks. playing around with the reverbs. already have a different setup for the drums. shorter kick, short reverb on hihats and the mid-highs of the kick, larger reverb on parts of the percussions. gives this nice minimal tok tok beat and also there is suddenly enough space to even fit a sub bass line into the song without losing the kick.