Melodic techno - testing bitwig

My first more or less finished project in Bitwig. I miss some of Ableton’s and (many of Max4Life’s) features, but it’s more accessible and overall it feels much more inviting to experiment and play around with modulation, resampling and randomization.

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Hey there, long time no see, hope you’re doing well :sunglasses:

Well done, that’s a good result for a first track inside Bitwig :+1:

I’m still searching for my way around when trying to use Bitwig TBH, but yes, it’s a full playground for creativity and effects + modulation possibilities.

Maybe a bit more clarity in the mid range and a tiny less low end on the kick and maybe taming the level of those vinyl crackles or noise as well.

But yeap, nice work with Bitwig here.

Cheers :wink:

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Hey, thanks a lot. So far I get the feeling that Bitwig favours a more “old-school” workflow, where you create sounds and sequences outside the actual project and use a lot of sampling/resampling. Quite relaxing if you’re in the mood for it.

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I definitely need to spend more time with it, there’s a few good courses from Dom Kane and Protoculture ( who recently started to use it after years using Cubase ) on the website.

The integration with controllers like Ableton Push 2 and NI Maschine is also very impressive in Bitwig.

This one is full of tips illustrating the flexibility of modulation and creating your own sounds and effects devices :sunglasses:

Tech Tips Volume 82 with Protoculture

  • Those ones to watch as well :

10 Reasons Why You Should Look At Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Beginner Level 1

Bitwig Beginner Level 2

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