Melodic techno

Once or twice a year I attempt to do a song with this kind of chord progression and arrangement. I think the first attempt I posted here 2016/2017. In comparison it got much better. My main issue with this one is that I cut too much or in the wrong places in the low mids and lows. I wish it sounder warmer and more connected, but then it turns even more into a mess.

Nice track IMO, definitely something “Deadmau5-ish” sounding to it, re-using the same pattern over time but with the sounds evolving through the arrangement, so it really creates a feel and grabs listener attention.

Would get rid of this 2 notes bass during the intro and 1st part, the 2 notes concept might work very well to give a sense of contrast here, but the sound itself doesn’t work here : too much long “boing” sounding, feels like plastic compare to other sounds.

Some other percussive elements sounding a bit off, and choice of some synths layers ( i.e : like around 2:20 ) not sounding quite right to me.

Parts like around 3:40 and 3:50 and then transition is brilliant here, works really well.

Chords progression and melody definitely has a hook and again grabs attention, this track could really get further with fine tuning and adjustments, watch out for the too much “mau5” feel to it though.

Thank you. True, many elements like the 2 notes bass and the arrangement in the first few minutes only exist because I try to imitate james holden’s version of “the sky was pink” and jake chudnow’s shona. Probably best would be to drop the gimmicks and redo everything before the break.

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