Melodic Techno

Hi all,

Learned so much since the last time. Your feedback would be much appreciated.


Hi there

Nice one, the track sounds great :sunglasses:

A minor suggestion about the hats maybe, more panning for the High Hats, especially during the break down, they could be slightly panned to 1 side. Another trick is to alternate the panning from Left to Right ( synced to 16th notes ) the free Cable Guys " Pan Cake" plugin can help to do this easily.

Maybe don’t start the Low Hats at 1:26 but rather bring them back later on when more elements are kicking on again.

Nice work overall, keep it up ! :sunglasses:


Thanks again for take the time to write something.

I am pretty happy with this one and thinking about getting it on Spotify.

If tried delaying the Low hats and it definitely creates more impact as the kick comes back in.


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Nice one. For my taste, the instruments could blend more together. What I usually try to do in this situation is to work more with instrument groups/busses instead of processing single tracks, and to add rhythmic noises and ambient textures very low in the mix. Easiest method to glue tracks together: just add some noise.

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(Sorry for my English, I use “Google Translate”.)
Nice, this song. Good volume and it breathes well.
Good atmosphere, with enough melody and not too long for me.
Good mix too, clear without being aggressive.

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