Melody break and Pumping\'dancy' rest of the track

Hi. In the begining I would like to say that I am still a amateur in music production and sorry for my english :).

So, now I am fascinated in artists like Gregori Klosman, Norin & Rad, Tristan Garner, Promise land etc…

They can create IMO great tracks which are played by the biggest of this world.(AvB,Tiesto etc, etc…)

I can give You a examples so You will know what I am talking about. There is no matter if it is trance or house I think the idea is similar

More House’y

More Trance'y

And my question is... how to make such a good bouce'y main part and match it with melodic break. For example In Gregori Klosman & Promise Land track what is playing in 1:15 its only drums and bass ? In 1:30 comes new sound..
2:20 - 3:20 melody its not a problem but how to match with bangy rest ? And the main part 3:20 - ~ 5:00 how to make so good transition and make people crazy when the main melody comes..
I know its side chained but I am sure its not all.
The similar is in Norin and Rad tune.(pumpin main part, melodic break)
I think it will be modern strong progressive music

I watched the main room house a progressive house tutorials but there are not exacly what I want to know. I hope that somebody help me.
PS. I know I am amateur so if I would please - dont 'eat' me :)

PS2 I tried to search for similar topic on the forum but I cant find it. I am not sure I was looking at all topics so if thats questions were on forum please delete this topic...

I hear a hardass kick on the downbeat, a melody that accentuates the upbeat (higher notes on upbeat), same with bass, and a sidechained noise. Can’t really tell if he is sidechaining the rest, if he is then he does it very lightly. The noise really makes it bounce between transitions.

At least thats what I hear, but I’m no expert either.