Melodyne & Sausage Fattener

For the Melodyne editor you can only move the pieces of audio along the keyboard to pitch it. You cant mess around with the modulation of the vocals like the vibrato in a passage or word or the pitch dives up and down…

As for Sausage fattener, its great but less is more, i rarely see fatness going above 10%… But itsa nice to add a bit of weight behind things if used correctly.

Dont they inform this on their website? or in the support tab?

Where can I get Sausage Fattener from? Everytime I go to the Dada site it changes to the official front page with a video of one of their tracks. If I hit continue to web site, it just reverts to this same page after loading everytime. Is there a direct link to get it?

You clicked on the link on their site that says: Buy Here for $29 USD?

This will lead you to the Tailored Noise site:

No, because everytime their main page loads, it reverts to the link. The page is there long enough to move the mouse but literally within a second it reverts to this offiical link with a video of their new tune and join their club, mailing list, etc.


Never mind, apparently their site was down yesterday, just tried it again and it loaded fine. Trust me to pick the one bad day to want to try it.