Mew newest dance production, looking for criticism

I just finished making my last production and I am really interested to see what some of the people in here think about it. I’m specially concerned around the mastering part, what do you guys think?

“Thousand Lights” Alley by Masseve

i like it, nice melody and harmony, i think main thing it needs a bit more space in the mix…

very nice mate, got a sort of Strobe feel to it at the beginning… if you can fine tune some of the sounds/ maybe sharpen up the EQ and reverb to tighten the mix you’ve got a complete track!

nice melodic elements, flows nicely throughout, well done!

Thanks for the quick response guys. And you are right, I still need to work on the EQing thing. I’ve seen some of the tutorials the site has, but I feel I still need more practice with them.

Also, I’m using a maximizer on but I’m not sure about it. I feel it makes it too loud on certain parts of the song.

remember, less (before) is more (after).

Do your mix with fresh ears, plan in 3x 20 min session, with at least 1hour breaks.

now go forth and be amazing…

That’s a good tip. I usually archive my tracks once I feel I’m done with them, but that’s usually after working on them and playing them 1236789 times. That’s the reason I decided to post here too. So I could get some feedback from people that know about the subject, and not just close friends, cause it always sounds great to them :P.