Michael Woods

I am wondering how to you make the sound that sounds like a rising key change. I’ve noticed that it is often found in Michael Woods tracks. For example in his track dynamik, every time he builds his break up, in the background there is this rising sound.

Listen from 2:10 to 2:24.

Michael Woods 'Dynamik' OFFICIAL - YouTube

How do i make this sound??

I haven’t listened to the sample but i’m guessing you’re talking about a pitch bend, what daw you using? In ableton and kinda depending on what plug in you’re using you just need to select automation of the pitch bend and then automate that up or down by 12

Indeed automation of some vst synth instrument it’s pitch. There’s actually a tutorial on how to in the training videos section: Tech Tips Volume 7, #70; called Scary Techno Riser

In the tutorial they only take some different noise as what you hear in your video from Michael Woods.

Good luck recreating :smiley:

that’s perfect. thank you so much.

do you mean a shepards tone? the illusion of a constant riser