Microhouse - does the mix make sense?

hi, am a bit in the dark with this song. while it sounds nice to me, my problem is that due to too many 90s techno parties i lost the ability to hear higher frequencies with my right ear and to me every song sounds a bit muddy and like it’s played inside of my washing machine. would appreciate if you could share your feedback whether the mix makes sense or for example the hihats are in the wrong position or are too loud. thanks a lot.

Sounds good here… very nice track!

It actually sounds pretty good, I really like the melodics in this one. The only thing I can think of, is that the clap sounds out of phase and it might be clashing with some of the other high frequencies (Like the hihats).
But everything else sound right to my ears. :slight_smile:

Hey @kuchenchef
What a great track, this is wicked. Sounds great, really good mix! That chord change!

thanks a lot. regarding the phasing issue: do you know about any good practical ‘for dummies’ tutorial about that topic? i read some articles about it and watched whatever youtube search could find but i still have no clue how to deal with that in practice. i somehow understand what it is and how to ‘see’ it when you have some simple waveforms like a kick and a snare playing together but what to do when there is a kick, snare and 15 synthesizer tracks? all i know so far is to listen to the song in mono and check if instruments start to disappear from the mix.

Well, mixing is all about balance. What you already do is a major thing. All the tracks have to sound coherent. To me, the snare have a high frequency that is very similar to the hihat, which might get a bit confusing. Try searching for that narrow frequency range in the snare and take it down a bit. Otherwise, delaying the track back and forth bu a few miliseconds might also be the answer. The last thing I would suggest, would be a phase-fixing plug-in. I believe there exists a few of those, even though I never have looked deeper in to that.

  • Hope that any of this could help you.

makes sense. i just added an eq to each hihat track and, more or less randomly, cut the lows, low mids and a bit of the highs and didn’t think much further about it. will give it another try.

Brilliant track!