Microphone for Vocal Recording


can anyone give a suggestion of what microphone to buy if I want to record mainly vocals for Pop- and Trancemusic. I’m just want to record a bit at home into my PC.

What would be an affordable good quality microphone?

Thanks guys!

Denise :slight_smile:

It really depends on your budget… there are an absolute ton of studio mics from £40 upwards.

I use the Rode NT2A its around £200 and sounds amazing.

you can hear audio demos on thomans site… this sounds great for the money.

Apologies for hijacking this thread, but I’m also looking at getting a mic… but the only source input I have currently is an NI Audio-8 soundcard, and it has no phantom power input… so I need either a pre-amp, or some sort of powered mic right? Only thing is I don’t know much about either, what should I be looking for?


You could just get something that has a phantom 48v on it…

Essentially a fancy converter… dont think it colours the sound… but I suppose the issue is always potentially the weakest (or cheapest) part of the chain.

But its not mad expensive to give it (or something similar) a try. You can spend any sort of money on them… this is the cheapest on Musicstore.


Other option would be to get a cheap little mixer and plug that into your SC. Loads of little things like that on Adverts Adam.

What’s wrong with the 58?

Ha that’s exactly what I was looking for - I didn’t think anything that simple existed really. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I just didn’t know what I was looking for tbh. I have a semi decent mic… It’s just for recording shouts and vox stabs anyway, gonna be layered with effects, so quality isn’t too important at this stage.

Cheers guys!