MIDI Delay

Hey so I am experiencing a rather annoying problem with MIDI latency and delay. When I try to play in a part, there is a noticeable lag between when I hit the key and when the note is triggered. This makes playing in MIDI practically impossible as dealing with a lagged rhythym just gets incredibly jarring. My laptop is brand spankin new quad core 6gig of ram beast so that shouldn’t be an issue. Any ideas?

Its your soundcard… (or lack of)

with standard multimedia drivers you get between 50ms and 500ms delay on built in soundcards.

check out ASIO 4 ALL

This should help a bit

Its a better driver for music.

Thanks Phil. Gonna try switching to ASIO now. I have a Fast Track Pro, which I gather isn’t too bad, but have been running it in DX Mode, so gonna try switching to ASIO.

Yeah, ASIO did the trick.