Midi file for justice bass

Is there any way you can provide the midi file for the justice bass. I read the sound like justice topic and someone else asked the same question and was sent to a link that had audio player play the notes.

What I’m asking for may not be called a midi file. I would like a file that I could bring into ableton that will map the midi notes where I do not have to draw them in.

Also, in future videos can this be put in the files we download?


Hey mate im lookin for the same file, Any luck?

ill see if i can get a hold of these midi parts of the ableton file


yes i’d like this midi part as well…

I think the lessons should come with the midi parts if they plan to “skip forward to save time” like this one does… i been trying to recreate this midi pattern for 2 hours lol

would also like the midi file.

Its in the other tutorials, dont know why its not on this one?

I ve got the midi file of waters from nazareth!!! But not the whole, just the important middle part!!! you can message me or search on google and you will find this----

Making Justice Water Of Nazareth in Ableton Live by Timofey - YouTube