Midi files

hi i download some midifiles from the tron legacy sound track, was planning on doing a remix of one of the tracks flynn lives but ableton doesnt recognise them like it does my other midi files, they dont even show up in my midi folder, anyone have a solution to this or know why it might be?

http://sebastianwolff.info/news/2011/01/tron-sheet-music/ i got them here if anyone wants to try

Change the extension from .midi to .mid and it works (well, did for me).

It has a setting for ‘Program 1’ in it which you’ll need to take off also else it’ll just play using the first preset on your synth. (Its in the clip settings bottom left.)

i’m not sure how to change the extention in windows 7 doesnt seem to be an option to do in properties, if i just rename file it still seems to have a .midi extention :S

Hmm, dont know, not used Win7. Have you get Explorer set to show extensions? I know that used to be annoying back when I used windows.

I’ve attached the renamed file I did to this post… so maybe just download and try that?

ahh i figured it out thanks, there was hidden options that i had to press alt to make visable, thanks for pointin me in the right direction :slight_smile: