Midi Lag When Using Drum Pads

So I hooked up a drum machine to an Ableton Drum Rack. And it triggers the drum sounds just fine, but there is a slight lag, which really, really messes me up when trying to record different drum patterns. I’m tapping out a 1/16th shuffle for example, and the delay just makes it really tough.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to correct this and what settings to use to get rid of lag when tapping out drum patterns on pads. I know there is a midi latency thing somewhere…but I would imagine it might take quite a bit of tweaking if u don’t immediately know the right settings for it.

Have you got an Audio Interface or are you using the builtin soundcard? If you are using the built in one, you are more likely to have a problem with it.

Anyway in Ableton -Options - Preferences - Audio

Look under latency. You will either be able to change the buffer size or there will be a button for you hardware settings where you can make the changes.

If you lower the buffers too much you will hear pops and click. To test you can turn the test tone up and the cpu up and make the changes, making sure that there are no pops etc

Yeah i’m not sure about this one.

The only reason I am posting is because I just got an Akai MPC32 at my door yesterday.

I was banging out beats in like 10 minutes and there was 0 lagtime.

I was using a Midi Hub. The 2x2 Midisport.

Thanks, Ant, that test tone bit should help a lot. I’ll try it when I sit down tomm. Thanks again.