Midi learn in Kick 2?

I was interested in purchasing kick 2 and was looking through the manual.

There seems to be no midi learn in kick 2.

Is that correct?


What DAW are you using ?

Any of Cubase, Reaper, Studio 1, Ableton live or Bitwig but i’m not sure why the daw i’m using makes any difference to whether there is midi learn in a vst ?

most daws have some built in controller mapping. So depending on which you should be able to learn the control through the daw.

So the answer is that there is no midi learn at all in Kick 2, is that correct?

Yes, there is no midi learn built in to the plugin.

Please add MIDI Learn to Kick 2.
Setting up MIDI controller assignments inside the plugin will allow the learned parameters to be recognized regardless which DAW you are using.
Set it and forget it.

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