Midi mapping denon dn x1600 with ableton

hello everyone/anyone out there,br
im trying to midi map my denon dn x1600 in ableton. it has four channels with 3 band eq and up to four pages of additional midi. br
once i have the eq mapped on each channel i want to use the eq knobs and possibly faders for my efx on another midi page. does anyone know if this is possible?

hi therebr
i also tryed to map the dn x1600 with ableton, oviesly for dj live set, but i can’t map the 4 pages. Once mapped a knob to control a function, even if i change page and try to remap that knob it did the same thing/midi note.br
Then in midi mode chanel the led level are blind (not really important but … )

Is there any software that comes with it that can assign the midi controller numbers for each knob/page?

dn x1600 it’s traktor native… but traktor has an advanced midi mapping mode in which i can’t decide if a knob is a rotary , or on push ON twice OF , with shift etc…

it only comes with the driver for pc. the manual has a list of commands and values that correspond to each midi control. maybe one could rewrite the script? thats about as much as i can say about that. however the main thing i did realize is that the dnx 1600 is not ideal for multiple midi pages, at least with ableton, because the knobs have a definite beginning/ending. that makes it kind of impractical impractical…br