MIDI out from DCAM Synth Squad

Hi everyone,

I know quite a few of you on here rate Fxpansion’s Synth Squad, and have to say I’m pretty impressed with the demo I’ve got.

Does anyone know if the step sequencer in Fusor can send MIDI out to other software instruments in the host DAW? So for example, if I’m in Ableton 8 and had an instance of Operator, could the step sequencer be routed in such a way to play it? If so, how might this be done?

Thanks in advance for any help with this. :slight_smile:

Any ideas anyone?

It doesn’t look good for midi out.

At least not according to this thread.

[url]ROLI Software : ROLI Support

For some reason developers underestimate the importance of being able

to render their internal arps or send sequences to other midi devices.

Bugger. Oh well - I might need to rethink The Next Investment. That said, it looks from the link above that there is potential for it to become a future update…? If Synth Squad had MIDI out capabilities for its step sequencer it would be a no-brainer for me.

As it looks, I’m thinking of getting Sugar Bytes Thesys. I’m desperate for a good step sequencer to use in Ableton 8 on the Mac. If anyone has any good recommendations I’d be grateful. I’m don’t think I’ll be getting Max4Live though - too in depth on the programming side for me. :slight_smile:

i think its coming in the update not 100% sure though :slight_smile:

Really? Could you do me a big favour and post back on here when the update arrives? I’d really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

[quote]jon_fisher (11/8/2009)[hr]i think its coming in the update not 100% sure though :)[/quote]

Really Jon?

Other than the thread above (that only hints of a possibility) and another similar one on Kvr I’ve not read anything to indicate that Fxpansion plans a midi out on the next update.

Nothing official anywayz.

no its nothing official at all, just from what i’ve read on forums and like the threads you’ve posted and past experience with fxpansion. they tend to listen to what the consumers want and then build them into the next update and from what i understand its been a common asked for update so i wouldn’t say it would be to far down the line.

please don’t take my word for this though as i honestly know no more than you guys