Midi sync oxygen 8 v2 ableton

So im pretty new to ableton but I had my Oxygen 8 v2 midi controller working last night and i recorded a few parts for a song i was working on. I then switched over to using my apc40 to work out different arrangements for said parts. After trying to switch back to the oxygen 8, ableton seems to be detecting my midi input (green light flashes in top right corner when i hit a key) but i am unable to produce sound or record anything using the controller. I realize this is definitely a pretty easy fix but i am completely lost. Any ideas?

ummm… i have kind of the same prob with the oxygen 49 keys when i connect the korg nanokontrol. I just unplug and plug again and restart ableton , good it doesn’t happen too often . Sorry i don’t know a better fix that could help you