Mikki pegg myspace link

http://www.myspace.com/mikkipegg3or http://www.myspace.com/mikkipegg this is the link to my tunes if you can leave your thoughts that would be great many thanks to all subscribers , mikki pegg

cool mikki , liking your efforts man , really like your m8s voice … is she open to collabs ?

really liking the live feel to that particular track man!:slight_smile:

thanks for listening mate ,my friend lorraine is a session singer who works with roisin murphy ,she like music such as portishead so collabs have been short ,im sure if u have the right material she will work it, as for that tune ,yeah it was played on my taylor guitar ,i have lots more stuff like this and more to come, i am still learning all the time ,as i do the lot ,and as  u know it takes time ,but at 35 now im closing in on the method,thanks for listening again and i will check ur sound out man .peace mikki pegg