Milton Jackson Deep House Stab

Really common stab heard in loads of deep house track, but I can’t get it right! Comes in at about 35 secs and plays throughout.


- YouTube

Hi Alan,

have you already found theese tuts on YT?

They hold the basics regardless of what DAW you use imo…

I love MJ by the way.


Thanks for that. I haven’t seen those videos, I’ll check them out.

Hey Alan,

I don’t know how this one is made exactly, seems like some sort sort of organ heavily filtered, shouldn’t be to hard.  I think the key to catch the atmosphere to this sound is to use a dissonant chord (don’t know if that’s a correct english term :hehe: , it’s a chord like A-C-D or something)… try listening to some jazz, or latin stuff for inspiration :wink:


Yup…the latin and jazz would definitely help you well…