Mimic(ing) a Kick on KICK 2 - Issues

Hi guys, thank you for this cool idea giving us the opportunity to express our thoughts here.
I am trying to mimic an 808 Kick (a real one).
About 1.5-sec length.
I’d put that kick on Click 2 so I could trace the wave curve over it.

First ISSUE - If I try to design the click (only harmonic curves on 808), Kick 2 seems to expect that the initial portion of the kick I am creating “obviously” would have tons of wave cycles there. So, it’s almost impossible to “design” simple curved wave cycles there, Really tuff…
All I can get is a bunch of spikes.

Then, just when you think that’s too hard to be accomplished if you change the kick length to view closely and try to work on it, when you “zoom-out” all your work goes to “I wasted all that time” land.
Because all those waves now become aut of phase and really misplaced…
Really, I bought it just because you pass the idea that we can do that properly…
I mean, use it to create and “mimic” kicks.
We could if those issues never existed.

Please, tell me if I am doing something wrong here…

Zooming in and out shouldn’t change the kick at all… are you sure you aren’t using length rather than zoom.?

Also you should check out the Kick Assimilation video in the site tutorial section.

Will show you the best way to mimic other kick samples

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Yep, good call form Phil here :thumbsup:

You’ll find the course here :

Thank you, Phill.
You’re absolutely right about the zoom problem.
The problem was me. First for to be an entire newbie on Kick 2, then for the slick GUI of this program that made me absolutely blind to perceive that little slider under the “length” slider.

But, I’m still “fighting” here like a sword duel.
And that video, thank you very much, but even there the original kick was not entirely copied as you can see. My fault and my 15" screen against me ;-))).
The problematic region on Kick 2 is the transient, the click.
And, if you look among all 808 Kick 2 kicks, as far as I could see, no one sounds like the original.
And that’s WHY I am trying to copy it there…
I know, I can try to get the original click and use it.
Open two instances of Kick 2 and render them down.
But the crafting work was one of the most important things that made me buy Kick 2.
I don’t produce EDM genres. Sadly, it seems that Kick 2 was built for Trance, House, and all those styles based on raisers, something backward transitions 4 to the floor genres…
I like some House Music from the '80 and '90 like JM Silk, Reese Santonio, Ralph Rosario, Blaze, Visual, Marshal Jefferson, Jomanda, Black Noir, Jackmaster Funk, Toddy Terry (some), Liz Torres, Adeva, Will Downing (some House tunes, including with Arthur Baker), Arts and Krafts, etc…

But when I bought Kick 2 I was thinking about crafting some Boom-Baps kicks, some Hip-Hop stuff…
BUT, anyway, thank you very much, guys.
You gave me what you have to help me.
Thanks a lot.

If you could link me or attach here some reference kicks you are wanting to create I can have a look and see what issues there might be.