Mind your Mind

Here we go another light one from me

[hr] Mind your Mind [Spacey Tec Original Mix] [Unsigned] by Nomad Spectrum

Really really good track mate. I think, for me, the 16th note perc/hats come in and go out a bit abruptly, but that’s just personal taste of course.

Cheers J - I rather like the hats but as you said its all a matter of taste :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for listening and support and I promise not to call you beardie :wink:

Nice minimal jerky groove you got going on there paul, dark n twisted :wink:

I like it, gonna be one to drop for all those wronguns on the dancefloor, will f*ck with their heads (in a good way) :smiley:

Cheers Roben - thats the idea to Fck up peeps on the dancefloor, at their homes in their cars etc :smiley:

You keep knocking these out mate don’t you :slight_smile: you should get out more

Put a DONK on it