Minimal House Logic?

What happened to the Minimal House Tut. in Logic Pro that was scheduled for March? Is that canceled or just delayed a bit?

just delayed a bit… its in production as we speak.

Thanks Phil.  I use Ableton but I prefer to sequence in Logic Pro so I’m looking forward to this or any other HTSL in Logic.

If this ever does actually come out (as it was originally announced as a release for March 2010) I hope it is a different track than the ones which have already been done in this genre in Ableton Live. This will make it more useful for all and less redundant.

Quite honestly I am just more interested in seeing some Logic based material. In the 2 years I’ve been checking out SA there is only one tutorial. If possible I would like to see it in Logic Pro 8 as I find 9 to be buggy.