Minimal tech tutorial with complex changing sounds

hey sonic members wuzz good,

i would like to see more minimal tech tutorials with more complex arrangments and sounds! i mean in some songs that i hear is always the sound changing… not the bass or melodie… but this small sounds percussion fx sounds ect… and all sounds are sounding in the right pitch! cause everytime i starting to produce a new track and make my first 1 bar loop with nice little glitchy sounds… i have problems to change them in an other loops that i will make… if i copy my first bar loop and make an replace only with one sound the change sounding allways too drastic or not in the right pitch! i see on youtube an tutorial from Ableton Live Video Tutorial: Minimal Techno Percussion w/ Collision - YouTube where the sounds always changing cause they drop an random plugin before the synth… and this small sound always changing the pitch… but i have heard that all sounds must be in the same key of the song OR NOT??? and how to go away from one sound like in the tutorial to an other that will replace this sound sometimes and the change sounds not to drastic! and how is the best start to change all this sounds in the arrangement or its better to make 10-15 differnet loops and than make the arrangement… because i loosing always the feel to the song… like i said… my first loop is always an bomb but to go away from this loop im loosing most of time!

some tracks as an example

Minimal Tech,Minimal - 2009/03/23 - New Track - YouTube

techno minimal - YouTube

sorry for my english… its hard for me too explain… but i would be happy to see an tutorial about this… or some help from sonic members!