Minimal Techno like Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing

Hi people,i was wondering if you guys could make this tutorials as i believe there are many people out here who really love the dark minimal techno style that this 2 guys produce.Also this refers to music on labels such as Drumcode and CLR .

I am personal like this two guys and love to produce this kind of stuff so this tutorials would help to :slight_smile:

Chris Liebing - Turbular Bell - CLR - YouTube - Chris Liebing

- YouTube - Adam Beyer



+500 maximal

Agreed !!

Oh yeah :smiley:

Same hereโ€ฆ and you can also add many productions from Speedy J on the list ! :smiley:

spot on Mike,

also throw in Monoloc & Pfirter,

This would be the perfect tutorial imo :smiley:

yeh chris leibing tutorial would be a massive help

over 300 views, and not 1 answer :frowning:

any forums giving away some handy tips ?