Missing preset from ANA 2 after update

The previously init lead, called “A Beautfiul Dread Lead” has been corrupted somehow, so one of my projects just has a basic saw sound now, because I had tweaked this preset and since it’s corrupted somehow, it’s now lost.

Did anyone else notice this? I couldn’t find a thread about it. If someone has a working version of this lead, could you please share the preset, as it’s supposed to come with the plugin?

Hi there @emphatic

We can’t share factory presets or presets from expansion packs on the forums.

If you are missing factory presets or if you think they are corrupted, then best thing to do is to download ANA 2 from your account and reinstall it on top of your current installation.

We recommend to download and install latest beta version V2.0.993b from your account :

My Account/My Downloads/Plugins

If you are using ANA 2 via Slate Digital “All Access Pass”, then you can reinstall from the “Connect” app or from Slate Digital installer page.

Unless you’ve saved this preset and overwritten it ( using “save” instead of “save as” ) the preset “A Beautiful Dread Lead” should still be in your factory presets, but if it’s missing then reinstalling ANA 2 will restore the factory presets.

I tried re-installing it, but that didn’t fix it. It seems like the installer doesn’t replace the presets if they’re already present in it’s default locations. I opened the installer in 7-zip and dragged the preset that was corrupted (just 1 kb in size, now 22 kb in size) into the correct location. This fixed it!

I understand about the not sharing of expansion packs, but doesn’t these leads come with the demo?

Thanks for the update on this and happy to read that you’ve now sorted this issue :wink:

Weird that reinstalling ANA 2 didn’t fix this, I would assume the factory presets get overwritten and updated when you run the installer since it’s part of the installation process. Only your User Presets and the DLC Presets from extension packs won’t get overwritten by the installer.

Maybe you’ve previously saved this preset using the “save as” feature and then it was stored in your User Presets folder and won’t be replaced form the installer then.

For the preset itself, that lead is part of the demo yes, but sharing presets between different versions of ANA 2 could lead to some issues as well, so not an ideal solution in the end.