Missing samples in 90's house tutorial in ableton

There are missing vocal samples…

The vocal samples are from Www.vocaldownloads.com you can download a bunch of free demos etc.

We couldnt give them away with the course though.

Is there any chance you can post links to the actual vocal samples you purchased. Id be interesting in purchasing these for this track for the sake of continuity.


It shows all the names of the samples a 2:28 in the vocal downloads video.

then just search vocal downloads site.

Although id highly recommend picking your own and trying to fit them etc. to get practice and learn how the process works.

thanks, ill take a look. Do you know of any other good vocal sample sites, or maybe even sample cd collections.

I’m looking also to find good 90s house type sample cds for generic sounds across the board. Any suggestions of what might be a good all rounder. I know there are many packs out there, with some things good and not so good in each one usually. But a good all round 90s house sample pack would be great to get my hands on?

I’ve got a couple of good 90’s sample packs called Warehouse Grooves. One is just loops, bass/keys/leads. The other has individual hits as well as loops, both have a huge amount of stuff on them.

Also I think there’s a loopmasters Marshall Jefferson collection which should be good and there’s a couple of Harley and Muscle loopmasters packs which are pretty good.

For 90’s accapellas Strictly Rhythm released a pretty good collection which has some of the lesser known stuff and therefore very usable on there.