Mixed up Situation

Hey guys,

Hope everyone’s having a better start to the weekend than I am…

Okay, so I recently bought a Saffire Pro 6 sound card as I wanted to upgrade from my faithful Audigy 2ZS. Unfortunately it seems it may have been the biggest mistake of my life as I cannot get anything to work.

I currently have a pair of big speakers connected to the main 1/2 output on the back and a smaller pair of monitors in the headphone socket which work fine. However I’m trying to record a mix from my DJM 800 and figured it would be a case of getting some RCA’s from the REC out port on the back of the 800, into either RCA1/2 or 3/4 on the back of the Saffire, but it doesnt pick up the signal and now I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

I still have the Audigy 2zs sound card attached to my PC but the breakout box has gone. I’m running windows 7 and trying to record through Cool Edit Pro 2.

Has anyone got one of these Focusrite boxes or know where I’m going wrong…???

are you getting a signal into safire mix control software that comes with the soundcard?

See that’s the thing. When I click on the Saffire Mix control it tells me about firewire connection advice and to “shutdown the machine before connecting any firewire device” then I’m unable to do anything in there.

But this is a USB device so why is it telling me about firewire info???

when you play audio back are the any meters going in mix control?

do you have the right version installed?

I can’t even get into mix control Phil. I’ve installed the version that came with the sound card on a disc.

I’ll have a look on their website again in case there’s a more up to date version.