Mixing and Mastering Techniques

Hey guys, how are you ?

First of all i would like to congratulate all the team from Sonic Academy, for attending the public with such great tutorials for all kinds of electronic music, specially Phil Jonhston who dedicates so much time for creative videos.

There’s a quick advanced tutorial about mastering which is very good, but as a good subscriber from Sonic Academy i must say i’m not quite satisfied with it, still thinks it needs more material.

There are already some good tutorials for every genre of electronic music, and basics such as music theory, chords, scale and builds ups.

Although, Mixing and Mastering today can be a very sensitive topic to talk about.

There is this loudness war going on, and some people still don’t understand what mastering really means, and how mixing affects the track when made properly.

So i would like to suggest Sonic Academy team to make a really intense going through mixing, with topics such as EQing (Boosting and cutting, why is so important, the myths and some loyal methods, tips for cleaning up an instrument or a sample), panning, chorusing, delaying, reverberating and compressing are not needed since you guys already did some understandings about this area, start points for making a nice mixdown. And for the mastering some tips on the usage of famous plug-ins such as the wave plug-ins, how to get a more opened and wide sound with plug-ins such as with the Izotope Ozone.

Tips on rendering like why render a wave file at certain rate of bits (such as 16 bit), what dithering does and which option use for each kind of situation.

I consider this a important part after writing a good song.

The most important thing of making a nice track first it’s to keep it with ideas of your own creation, trying to make it different and being always yourself and honest with the track.

But most producers that are starting right now are kind of lost on what mixing and mastering refer to and when it’s important to balance it.

Would be very glad if you guys consider this idea, i’m sure a lot of the subscribers here would be very happy to see a content about this kind of support. And i would also make sure to bring new costumers that are crazy about learning this area, for sure !

You all stay in peace.

Rafael Cruz.