Mixing in electro

I followed the dj tutorial. my style is electro. ( boys noize, proxy mstrkrft etc)

Does anyone have some tips for mixing that genre. cause when i do it on the tutorial way it sounds horribly.



in the dj tutorial we cover the fundamental basics which applies to mixing house, techno, trance, electro etc as most dance music is mixed the same way of matching tempo then blend one in, mix and blend the other out.

If it sounds horrible try mixing with a different track as not all tracks sound good together and make sure the beats are matched.

With the artists you mentioned their music can be sonically abrassive with a lot going on in the track and would be best to find sections with just beats and mix them. also listen to some of their mixes and see how they mix that style of music

mixing is more than just beat matching lol you need to take almost everything into consideration.

sometimes if two tracks have a huge difference in groove they will clash major as well

its more than just beatmatching but matching the beats is the first building block and most important element of mixing. as i said mixing just the beats will eliminate clashing of grooves and melodies or if they clash try a different track.

I think that even though beatmatching might be the first thing you learn when you dj, phasing your tracks might be one of the most important and most looked over skills.

lol i think i learned to phase and scratch before i learned to mix, phasing two records really sound much better done with vinyl and is very simple.

depending on how far you move it out of line (within reason) the phatter it sounds and its best to do it with pads, vocals of a wide bass sound, not always great on drums lol.

if you wanna know how to do it

  1. play two copies of the same track at the same time and tempo
  2. using only one deck quickly pitch the track -+ 0.5% and return back to original tempo.
  3. enjoy the fact that the sound you are making sounds better than any plug-in lol

also make sure they are in the same KEY!

On top of which what time you bring in the track has everything to do with whether or not your mix sounds good. you can have it beatmatched perfectly but if you bring a track in in the middle of a phrase, its going to suck.

try bringing in stuff after a big riser so while one track is subtracting elements, the other is adding.