Mixing kept secrets (myth or reality) *Techno*

what’s up fellows,

I’ve been watching mixing/mastering tutorials for about two years now (not only watching but implementing as well) so I know a lot about EQ, compression, sound imaging, saturation and other mixing techniques

nevertheless, I still believe there’s always something missing in my final mixes

I know that the mix needs to be sounding commercial-ready before the mastering stage

as mastering is all about polishing not fixing & cleaning

if anybody can help, as tutorials are hard to request over here

(despite of the forum’s title) :stuck_out_tongue:

so am I missing something !! or is my mixing just sucks ***

I believe I can post a couple of links for mixes I’ve done in the past months

this is my latest one, I think it’s (128 kbps)


so here’s another a (320 kbps) it’s almost half play time of my favorite track of mine


FIY this is my setup

i’m using both Ableton & FL Studio but I do the final mix & render my tracks using FL studio, no monitors just a couple of cheap *** speakers & a sub woofer, I use headphones for reference plus I test it on car speakers which always disappoints

stereo-wise I find my mixes lacking a defined space and sometimes sounds are just floating allover, sounds okay on my headphones and my speakers though

any help would be greatly appreciated

Just listened on my AKG’s but I can’t find anything wrong with it mixing wise. Sounds really polished and well balanced. Nothing too loud. Not muddy at all. Bass sits very tight in the mix.

I agree… the other track you posted just sounds a bit more compressed overall but i think your mix is spot on.

phew what a relief

thanks a lot for the replies, guess I just really need a set of monitors

and probably a slight acoustic treatment so I can get mixes to sound exactly

like I want them to be

btw I love your work Phil thanks a lot for helping so many artists out there

cheers :wink:

Thanks! Your very welcome!