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How To Mix using iZotope Neutron 3 with Protoculture

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Nate’s back with us again and this time he’s checking out iZotope’s incredible AI-enhanced mixing suite Neutron 3.

This clever package promises to speed up your workflow when it comes to the task of mixing down your tracks and with a host of improved features, excellent performance and easy-to-use tools, Neutron 3 is clearly amazing value to help get the job done.

Over the next 2 hours, Protoculture takes us through a detailed overview of the software including all of the different modules available along with the three additional plugins showcasing how Neutron 3 can enhance your sounds. He then finishes off with a practical mixdown of a track showing how effective this plugin can be.

With it’s silky smooth GUI and visual representations Neutron 3 is definitely a hit when it comes to mixing.

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It’s my assistant , Neutron 3 ( element ) Thanks

Nice course.@Protoculture what is it for a track? its Amazing


I use the exciter from neutron all the time. Always help things cut better.

thank you, very useful :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Does the Track in the videos have just a bit sub content? When im looking at the EQ Spectrum in the videos i can see a lot of sub information there, but i cant really hear any low frequenzies in the videos. Even with my DT 770 Pro’s. Is that intentional or is there a problem with the Video’s audio?

Hi there @SoulsurfeR

Nothing to do with the video audio content, it’s a very common thing not being able to hear lower frequencies that you can visualize on an EQ or FFT spectrum analyzer, that’s mainly due to equipment specs & limitation and it’s not only true for headphones but even when using monitors, there’s limitation in the way each device are able to reproduce low end frequencies. Next to that there’s also the human hearing that comes into play and that’s why we use tools like frequencies analyzer or spectrum to be able to monitor & control frequencies that we don’t really perceive but that are still present in a mix, the same rule applies for very high frequencies as well.

Thank you for the detailed answer. just wanted to know if it sounds the same for others as well.

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Huge Thanks! I’ve had the whole package for months, but now I see that I bought some other plugins unnecessarily … :slight_smile: The tidying up to the usage tips was very helpful, I’m going to your next course now.