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Mastering Using Ozone 9 with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s with us again this week to take an in-depth look at iZotope’s latest Ozone release in Mastering using Ozone 9.

This package is an incredibly intuitive addition those looking to finalise their tracks to a professional level. Ozone 9 has a host of modules available to perfect your mix with clear visual aids, it’s own accurate AI capabilities that can give you a fantastic starting point, tools to take away or boost elements of your mix without affecting others, and reference track matching tools.

In this course, Nate runs through every module available before completing a practical and impressive master using solely this package.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one mastering suite rather than building a mastering chain of various plugins Ozone 9 is a no-brainer to get your tracks ready for the world’s ears!



I absolutely want to make Ozone part of my workflow, but unfortunately the latency of Ozone 8 over time became a showstopper. Unless I freeze all my tracks, activate Ozone, profile the spectrum/dynamics, then unfreeze to make changes, I’m not sure how easily I can use it in my everyday composition and mixing work. I’m already sold on the features if things on the CPU front have improved though.

Nate, what do you think of the sound quality that comes out the other end when compared to Brainworx, FabFilter, Waves, etc.? Do you have any tips on how to work this in to a mix workflow for a track that will later be sent to a pro mastering engineer? Thanks.

Nice tutorial!

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Good concise stuff nice to see videos of newer plugins and updated ones

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Yeah I’d check out Neutron instead then as it functions in a similar manner. Ozone really isn’t designed to be used within a project during the writing stage.

I was pleasantly surprised… I’ve been open about not liking Ozone in the past, but some of the new tools are really great. I’m not sure its a replacement for my other plugins I’ve used in the past… although with the ozone stuff being seperate plugins now its easy to use it in conjunction with other plugins. I still can’t put away the Elysia Alpha Comp, Black Box and BX Digital V3 for my masters though. I was actually also surprised with the AI stuff… I don’t think its perfect but its been great getting suggestions from it as a starting point and then modifying, adding and replacing plugins from there.

Loved this Course, thank you for the detailed explanation! will definitely help in my mastering abilities, I understand all concepts a lot better now, cheers!

Thank You very much for your videos. Have to say You are my best tutor here :slight_smile: in few days been learning a lot from your craft. All best mate!
Here some last tune done with your lessons :slight_smile:
Diving Into Another Reality by Bass Chief

great stuff! thank you

Would have been good to start with the elements version and then work up through standard to the advanced version. That would save watching courses you don’t have the software for.