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Mastering with Slate Everything Bundle

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Following on from Protoculture’s course in mixing with the Slate Digital Everything Bundle, Sonic Academy welcomes Nate back to guide us through how to master your track using the plugins included in this superb value-for-money bundle!

Starting with a detailed and in-depth overview of each of the plugins aimed at making your tracks shine, Nate shows us the difference these professional tools can make to your masterpiece with a real-world example by firstly building your stem mix before looking at the final master chain.

Slate Digital has taken great care in emulating gear that has proved it’s worth in the studio, and with an accessible monthly plan, this bundle really does have everything you need to rise above the rest when it comes to perfecting your sound.

Definitely one serious producers should get their hands on!

Excellent Nate, every tutorial you do is highly detailed and easy to follow.

Making the all picture clear about the Slate Everything Bundle once you’ve watched the “Mixing with Slate…” course. Very detailed approach about emulating analog mixing/mastering path & getting the best out of this plugins suite + learning a lot about all modules & operating them. Thanks.

really helpful!!

Nice overview and explanation of the slate bundle mastering components!
Really helpful to get insight which tool is good at what plus a nice guideline which chain to set up when mastering. Now I can start experimenting :slight_smile:

Amazing tutorial