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Start getting more in depth with the 2nd of our mixing courses where we focus on the bass frequencies.

I see that in most of Sonic tutorials there is a need to purchase external plugins. It would be nice if tutorials showed how to make music using only Live&#039s features. A separate lesson about plugins would be helpful. This way it wont be mandatory to purchase the plugins.

The bass processor is awesome but it is a cpu eater!
When I appplied it to my BASS the whole session worked with a delay [when I do an action with my keyboard/mouse it happens 1 sec after] and it&#039s really annoying!
Maybe I got an old CPU (Intel Core 2 @ 2.80Ghz)

Great tutorial.. It seems that the last third part of the video has a dramatic drop on the DAW volume and is hard to appreciate changes

Very helpful advice and applicable to all types of music. This is the kind of tutorial I&#039d like to see more of rather than genre specific stuff.

More tutorials like these please

more like this please how to mix complete track can be good

How does the EQ8 compare in Live 9 now compared to Fabfilter and the old Live 8 EQ?

yeah i dont know how necessary a linear phase filtler really is at the end of the day. of course you will hear phasing as filters sweep across eachother but should be fine if they are kept static.

good discussion:

in tutorial 3 is it cause of the filtering, or the music audio really turns low??. This is at the end.

Phil Johnston is great. Explains everything well in simple, easy-to-understand ways. He is also chilled out; which I like. Loving your tutorials buddy.

Very informative