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Mixing with AI - Neutron 4 vs Sonible Smart Bundle

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In this video, Protoculture checks out two plugins that can really help with getting your mix sounding the way it should - iZotope Neutron 4 and Sonible Smart Bundle.

Both plugins have the ability to listen to your track and use AI to make suggestions on what can be fixed. Here Nate compares the two plugins looking at the pros and cons of each before making his own personal tweaks to get the mix sounding right.

Plugins have come a long way and seem to be making the right decisions in preventing frequency clashes, and although they can’t fully solve all problems, they certainly point you in the right direction, making them a great learning tool as well as cleaning up your mix.

What do you think? Is it only a matter of time plugins will be able to mix everything for you?

I was just thinking about going “the way” of fx. Neutron 4 or Sonible or Claro from Sonnox even maybe… Helpful Content! :wink:

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Claro is great, although not really any “AI” involved in it. Totally worth it for the multi channel visual masking feedback. I’d go with Sonible if you’re getting just one plugin/bundle.



Looks like a helpfull tool to work with

Skills I need to know

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thanks for the comparison :slight_smile:

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I like the iZotope stuff. My only issue with them is the added latency.

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