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Slate Everything Bundle with Protoculture

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This week we welcome back South African producer Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture for a masterclass in mixing solely using the awesome Slate Digital ‘Everything Bundle’.

With an accessible monthly plan, this huge variety of high-quality plugins gives you the professional tools to make your tracks shine.
Meticulously emulated on gear that has proved its worth since the dawn of the recording studio, Nate guides us through the different modules available to help fine-tune your mix from the various compressors in the Dynamics section, the EQ’s, reverb and delay, and also the saturators and pre-amps that fall into the Harmonics section.

We then check out some practical, real-world examples of using the Slate plugins on a track Nate’s working on, focussing on Drums, Bass and Synth, and finally vocals.

The Slate Digital Everything Bundle really is a one-stop place to go when it comes to perfecting your mix, and as the name suggests for a price that you can’t argue with, it has everything you need to finalise your masterpiece before getting it out there!

Solid tutorial, I have these plugs and good to learn the differences

Excellent job Nate, clear and detailed explanations.

One to watch if you own the bundle or if you would like to see what this suite of plugins is capable off. Very informative about the overall plugin GUI functions as well as each modules description & operation. Finally during the practical examples videos, Nate actually takes the time for “getting that sound” & “polishing it” in a real mixing contest, not just demonstrating how the modules sound like. Great teaching & very high skills here, thanks for sharing !

Helpful tutorial for someone new to the SD Bundle.
Thank you.

Excellent stuff.
Very helpful.

Very helpful tutorial. A real good understanding of how to use VMR and practical applications for it. Will follow up with the Mastering course as well. Thanks

Nice! Much more pleasant way discovering all the modules than just reading the manual :slight_smile:
Now time to experiment myself and use the manual where needed!

Excellent overview of how to leverage the Slate Digital Everything bundle in electronic music production. Thank you!

excellent tutorial!

You can use ilok cloud these days, no need for a dongle for the everything bundle.