Mixing Question

Hi All, I need some help please. I am writing a tech house track. All the drums and percussion are routed through a bus containing a compressor. It all sounds fine in the mix with the kick playing but when I want to do a breakdown and cut the kick from the mix the snares and claps etc become very loud. How do I get round this do I just decrease the master volume in the breakdowns where no kick plays. Thanks to anyone who can assist me.

Don’t use the same buss for all those instruments.br
Use a group for the percussion. And one for the kick and bass.br
Then you could route those two busses to a new one where you apply gentle/subtle compression.br
If you are compressing hard, you will notice that very well when the hardest signal (the kick) is left out.

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Thanks very much for that. I have done what you said and its already sounding a lot better :slight_smile: