On a lot of dubstep tracks, it seems like all of the growls and synths has been high cutted or ducked/notched around 3-5Khz. I have tried to figure out about this technique with de-esser, EQ, compression and multiband compression, but I never get satisfied with the sound. Could you please give me a tip or an explaination about this mixing technique?


[url]The Mavrik - Funk It - YouTube




A lot of the those basslines are stuck through stuff like guitar rig.

The Cabinet models tend to have that Scoop EQ on them

Ok, thank you!

Any Amp and Cabinet Vst´s to recommend?

The originals that comes with Ableton doesn´t work …

cant go wrong with guitar rig. (new version has Traktor FX with Vocal Filters)

IK multimedia do a decent one too.

or a cheaper alternative

I found this video pretty useful for using mostly Ableton plugins to create sounds like that

You’ll need CamelCrusher buts its free so you should be good

Edit: and of course you’ll need Massive :hehe:

Nothing in that you would specifically need massive for… could use ANA no probs.

Thanks guys,

I tried the cabinet and amp thing, but I was no completly satisifed with the sound. The main problem is that my synths has to much “highs” … the snare wont come out of the mix as clean as it should. I can also hear on the track that it has a lot of Air on the synths too, so I have tried to just duck the synth around 3-5Khz, and then boost it around 8-12Khz to give the air back. Unfortenuatly there is no tutorials on youtube that I have seen about this kind of mixing …

I really hope you understand what I mean and what kind of sound I am looking for.

This is the track that I am working on, (an old mix, but maybe you will understand what I mean if you compare)


Also, I would like to thank you guys from sonicacademy … thanks to all of your great tutorials I got signed to addiktion


Ive been playing with this for a few hours… Doing my head in

The Closest i can get is when i use some heavy distortion followed with a Band emit Filter and some phaser.

I think the Phaser is Key Maybe try some other phaser plugins.

Heres my attempt.

(I had it sounding Better with Guitar rig and ANA but i wanted to use all Ableton internal plugs for those that dont have them.)

Thanks a lot!

It sounds like the phaser is an important factor to create a mix like this